Safe And Original File Downloads

Before you download the file you want from the Torrent, you can see ratings, votes, comments from the torrent download site that can convince you that the file is safe and original. This way you don’t need to be afraid of the wrong download or the torrent file that you downloaded is a virus because you have seen comments from the rating before. If there are many negative comments and also a bad rating, you don’t need to download the torrent file.

A tracker will develop by itself bringing to the community that continues to grow. This way the seeder of your torrent file will continue to grow and make the maximum download speed. The longer the torrent file, the more seeders will be. All torrent will be stored for months, besides that many torrent files are stored forever. Examples such as torrent from Ubuntu files or other free software. While on file sharing sites, a file will only be stored for only a few weeks. Besides, Tracker will also store info about your file.

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